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Washworks Truck Wash

Recently opened (August 2021) near to the original Washworks car wash, our first Truck Wash utilises the global leader and gold standard in automatic truck wash equipment.

We provide an automatic and manual cleaning services for all trucks, small and large. Our wash bay can fit trucks as high as 4.6M and long as 30M.

We have an underbody high pressure wash available on entry to the truck wash bay as an option.

Internal wash of trailers, degreasing of the engine and sanitise for food trucks all available within the wash bay at an extra cost.

There is also a public weighbridge onsite.

Fleet discounts are available for both truck wash & weighbridge (rebate cost monthly).


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Since 2016

Truck Wash Services

  • Prime movers – from $160
  • Rigid trucks – from $95
  • Semi-trucks – from $200
  • B Doubles – from $230
  • Underbody steam – from $450

Public Weighbridge

Being on the road for long stretches of time impacts the appearance of your fleet. From everyday dirt and environmental grime to red dust, we have the best selection of fleet wash systems and custom wash detergents to clean even your dirtiest heavy-duty trucks and standard-sized vehicles. We are in this business to help you bring the original lustre back to your fleet by providing you with cost-effective, efficient, and quality wash solutions.

WashWorks Smart Wash Supra is a truck wash that is used for washing trucks, buses, mining trucks, vans… in fact, almost all large vehicles. It is available to wash as 2 or 3 brush automatic rollover or touch free hybrid wash. Along with our attendants cleaning the areas the machine can’t reach. It is the ultimate in design and construction, and combines the adaptability of touchless, high pressure washing for irregular size vehicles and the systems “feel” the vehicles and adjust according to contours, mirrors, visors, etc.

WashWorks combines powerful automatic truck cleaning equipment with detergents that leave your fleet clean. We use the finest materials to ensure long system life and maximum cleaning performance. Strategically placed sensors throughout each system ensure that the power sprayers and rotating brushes can safely and fully wash your trucks and trailers.

WashWorks underbody steam cleaning facility caters for prime mover, rigid vehicles and even 4wd’s. Our portable hoists are fully adjustable so you can set truck height at different angles or heights allowing our operator to clean the hardest of places. We use custom built pressure washer that operates between 2500-3000 PSI and 85-100 degrees in temperature.

Our degreaser is the best in the market for breaking down grease and road grime. WashWorks attendants are trained in the safe operation of the hoists along with the safe use of the cleaning equipment.

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