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We currently have 3 car wash locations, and our first Truck wash:

  • 265 Bannister road Canning Vale
  • 6 Haydock Street Forrestdale
  • 232 Morrison Road Midvale

Truck Wash:

  • 275 Bannister Road Canning Vale 

Our car washes are open 24/7, 365 days a year. 

Our Truck wash is open 7am-4pm Monday-Friday
7am-1pm Saturday
By appointment Sunday 

Yes, we have change machines available on all sites for silver coins or notes.

Yes, all sites after Nayax readers that accept visa, master card and phone payments

Yes, times vary depending on days and sites but we have attendants in for a minimum of 4 hours daily, usually in the mornings. 

At Canning vale the standards wash takes approximately 3 minutes, Forrestdale and Midvale take about 6.5 minutes.

If the site is unmanned we do have an afterhours number and email that is checked regularly for problems and complaints.

Afterhours mobile: 0490 441 556

We have an email that you can send us your feedback on or we also have a facebook and instagram page.

facebook: WashWorks car wash
instagram: @washworkscarwash

Yes, no mechanical parts touch your car. Clean car is achieved via a 2 step Presoak and high Pressure blast

Yes, brushes are made from a lite -foam / Neo Glide fabric. The brushes are rinsed and spun prior to each wash to ensure no debris is left on them from the previous vehicle


No, We use the same chemicals that many car manufacturers and dealership use worldwide
The spot free rinse is included in all auto washes. We recommend selecting this as your final rinse in the self serve bays also

Yes, we recycle a percentage of our wash water, we also use Eco-friendly chemicals and have solar panels at all our sites.

Yes, it is tested weekly. We mainly use our recycled water for Underbody wash and first rinse pass.
We have a carnauba wax bath for extra cost.It is also available at our manual bays

We do have a height limit of 2.1 on our auto wash at all sites but up to 4M in our manual bays. If you can’t fit in our car wash bays, the truck wash has a height limit up to 4.6

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Car Wash

Open 24/7

265 Bannister Road, Canning Vale 6155

6 Haydock Street, Forrestdale 6112

232 Morrison Road, Midvale 6056

Truck Wash

Monday: 6am – 6pm
Tuesday: 7am – 4pm
Wednesday: 7am – 4pm
Thursday: 7am – 4pm
Friday: 6am – 6pm
Saturday: 6am – 4pm

Sunday & Public Holidays via Appointments Only (24 hours notice required.)